Linux Traded from Yanks to Sox for 2005 Season

IDG World
Expo, the Framingham company that is moving its flagship MacWorld Expo
convention from New York to Boston, said yesterday that it is doing the
same with another of its technology industry trade shows in 2005.

The East Coast LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, a trade show for developers
and users of the increasingly popular Linux computer operating system,
will be held for the first time at the John B. Hynes Convention Center
in the Back Bay in February 2005. The show has been held at New York’s
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center since its inception in 1999, but its
organizers said they were told they won’t be able to return in 2005.

IDG’s East Coast MacWorld show will open the new $800 million Boston
Convention and Exhibition Center in July, following a bitter battle
that pitted Boston against New York and IDG against Steve Jobs, head
of Apple Computer Inc., maker of the Macintosh. Jobs disagreed with
IDG’s decision to move the show out of New York and has said he and
his company won’t participate in the East Coast’s largest gathering
of Apple enthusiasts.

from the Boston Globe

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