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Wind patterns in the United States


See how is wind blowing in the United States right now:


Using PlotVectors from R


(HT Revolutions)

Ocean Shipping Visualized


Ben Schmidt has a very nice visualization of the ocean shipping in R. Enjoy:

(HT:  Revolutions)

How to use Git and Dropbox for collaboration


This post will be constantly being updated. I will show that you can use Git and Dropbox for collaboration.

If you don’t have Dropbox account, please you this link and we both get additional 250MB:

Set up a main repository in one directory in Dropbox. Then clone repository for every person working on a project into their own directories (still in Dropbox).

Once you have this set up, fetch from main project into clones, and once you want to consolidate, push it to the main one. It would take some time and you would most likely need kdiff3 or something similar.


What to do if you get “Does Not Appear to be a Git Repository” on windows:

Go into your .git directory and change the location entry in config file to ‘c:/’ instead of ‘/cygdrive/c/…’

Add remote to your “main” version.


I don’t like this one, but it is there:

How to use version system and Git


This blogpost is just a quick introduction into how Git works and what to expect from it.

I will update this post in the future, but in the meantime I add links to the series I liked. The author explains Git, but, along the way, explains the version control system. Don’t use github though, use your own directory as your repository. Also, don’t use command line, that is too cumbersome. For the best experience I use Git-GUI in Windows and Git-Cola in linux.

If you find better videos, let me know.


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