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~ Archive for Cool visualizations ~

Many eyes project by IBM


Today I had a quick look at the Many Eyes project. It looks very interesting.


You can make your own visualization using their nice collection of data sets.

Look at this example:


Wind patterns in the United States


See how is wind blowing in the United States right now:


Using PlotVectors from R


(HT Revolutions)

Ocean currents video by NASA


This time NASA made a video of ocean currents. NASA has similar videos for the Gulf Stream and for the Mediterranean Sea.


(HT: Revolution)

Edge-bundled, timeline-enhanced visualizations


This company provides solutions for using human element in the pattern detection. Based on videos, it looks very useful for almost any fraud detection application like money laundering or medical fraud.

Check out their videos:

(HT: LG)

Ocean Shipping Visualized


Ben Schmidt has a very nice visualization of the ocean shipping in R. Enjoy:

(HT:  Revolutions)

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