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Keep Calm and Continue On….

Update!  Just one week to go before our last gadget episode of the series ~ make sure to send us any thing you would like reviewed in the forum which is linked below. What’s in a name? Continuation of Business or COB The US government website quotes this – “Business continuity impact analysis identifies the […]

The Hub and Spoke Model

We continue on today from last week in discussions around Cloud Services and some of how that relates to Contact Centres What’s in a name? Software as a Service or SAAS SalesForce – one of the largest providers of SAAS defines it this way… “Software as a service is a way of delivering centrally hosted […]

“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now…”

  I hope everyone in Canada and the United States had a good long weekend last week and enjoyed their vacation time – it’s important to celebrate the holidays and spend time with our loved ones as the world slowly peeks around the corner from months and months of lockdowns. As we move forward in […]

Building on Blockchain

Thank you for all the great feedback to our gadget show last week and we look forward to doing another one on July 27th please feel free to contact us on the forum link on our website and we will be happy to review or answer any questions you may have. What’s in a name:? […]

It’s Gadget Day!

Good day all and welcome to our 13th BLOG… It’s Gadget Day!!! Today we’re going to have some fun as I do a very different blog and write about some gadgets and tools that I enjoy using – remember to send us anything you would like reviewed or suggestions for the 2nd gadget show in […]

This is a hold up!

  Today we will be discussing Ransomware and how it has impacted so many of us – specifically in the last two weeks. Just a reminder – We have our gadget show next week on June 15th and another one on July 27th so be sure to post any questions or suggestions and we will […]

Garçon the wine list s’il vous plait!

Welcome back to the Blog! This series will offer another 10 posts and…where we focused on definitions of networks and architecture in the first set of 10 posts – this series will do a more deep dive into how different technologies are used in our daily lives. We may use the past blogs as reference […]

The World We Live In ~ Part 2

Welcome to the Blog  ~ number 10 and the final in our first series for 2021’s first quarter. We will be starting up Series 2 – also with 10 podcasts and blogs, on June 1 and have more discussions and interviews with thought leaders around how technology shapes our lives. Artificial intelligence … This is […]

The World We Live In

ARPANET – which stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network is the original computer-based mail and messaging that became possible with the time-sharing of computers in the early 1960’s.  Over time, a complex web of gateways and routing systems linked allot of them together allowing a common basis of interoperability. Many of the universities in […]

Where content is Queen

After last week’s exploration of the first computer programme written by Ada Lovelace in 1843, this week we have jumped ahead more than 175 years in time to highlight the digital platform of YouTube. MPEG, which is the acronym for Moving Picture Experts Group, are images that are compressed for transmission. Broadcasting companies use three […]