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“Once Upon a Time…”

Everyone reading this post has never not known some form of computer interaction – the fact that you’re reading this on a device is definite proof! Whether it be from your groceries scanned at the food store – the price “magically” appearing on the display – the more intricate and inner workings of your automobile, […]


It’s hard to remember back to folding up a large paper map accordion style … but before GPS (Global Positioning Systems) became main stream, navigators everywhere had maps spread out on their laps working through the twists and turns that would get them to their destinations. “The Global Positioning System technology in the United States […]

Can you hear me now?

Happy International Women’s Day!   As we celebrate women in technology this month, it is wonderful to highlight one of the leading pioneer’s of Bluetooth and WiFi techniques.  Hedy Lamarr, a famous actress in the 1940’s, played a pivotal roll in “spread spectrum” science during World War II. It was her knowledge of jamming technology, […]

But there’s a lock on my door …..

To continue on from last week, we are discussing data breaches and how your personal information could be exposed for nefarious means. Data breaches are malicious attacks on a network in order to get inside the firewall and take information that is deemed valuable.  How valuable is your social security number (USA) or passport number? […]

GDPR ~ Giving hide and seek a new challenge …

In Europe, “The right to be forgotten” ~ now known as GDPR ~ was introduced into the public square in 2014 after a landmark case Google v. Spain.   “In Google v. Spain, the European Court of Justice ruled that the European citizens have a right to request that commercial search firms, such as Google, […]

The beginning, the middle, but to what end?

This blog is dedicated to discussions and op-ed essays  This is a discussion forum and not a specific endorsement of any one opinion of material.     From Wiki’s to WAN’s how does all this technology serve us?  Are we protected from ourselves or will the age of information prove to be too much? “To […]

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