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Garçon the wine list s’il vous plait!

Welcome back to the Blog!

This series will offer another 10 posts and…where we focused on definitions of networks and architecture in the first set of 10 posts – this series will do a more deep dive into how different technologies are used in our daily lives. We may use the past blogs as reference points in the footnotes, so if you need to catch up on a specific topic you can find the link there.

Also in this series – which I’m very excited about – we will have two posts dedicated to useful and – let’s be honest – very cool tech gadgets and apps.

I’m looking forward to your posts on the forum for anything you would like me to review so please don’t hesitate to ask! We have those coming up on June 15th and July 27th so be sure to post any questions or suggestions and we will review them. I’ll leave the link to the forum in the show notes below as well.

What’s in a name? Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) …

Here is the difference between the two things.

  1. Machine Learning is: a current application that gives machines access to data and lets them learn it for themselves.
  2. Artificial Intelligence is: the broader concept of machines that have now learned the information and are then able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “smart”.

Today I’m going to chat about Artificial Intelligence and how it is making its way into our main streets touching things that we do every day.

To start on this journey of AI we are going to focus on wine – so cheers to you all! It’s always 5pm somewhere right? …. and you’ll be looking at your next glass differently when you read how artificial intelligence has become a partner in how we drink wine.

As we know, wine has been around for thousands of years,  but the wine you enjoy today has likely had a variety of technical supports that were never available save for the last decade or so.

Along with drones patrolling the vineyard to send messages back to the farmer about which vines needed attention, or what land soil requires more nutrients, Imagine a patented technology that merges the human sensory system and AI in order to offer interesting recommendations to you. This is something completely different than the Institute of Masters of wine and certainly not the NOSE of the relatively few real master sommeliers around the globe.

However Pam Dillon CEO of Wine Ring , and her partners, have created an AI patented technology that allows the algorithm to combine it’s machine learning with your input of your likes and dislikes and come up with recommendations for wines that hit the mark of what you would want to drink.

Holding several patented technologies, Wine Ring has the most comprehensive database in the world and has created a technology in Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning that is based on the stack of the network interface.

For more detailed drawings of the stack you can head over to the patents list on the site …but for now imagine two sets of information being poured into a glass to create the perfect wine choice.

On the left – the input is from the digital stack of AI that has had machine learning through certified wine experts on all the notes and components of thousands of types of wine.  From the right input, is your human gut feeling on what you like – which is often based on your senses of taste, smell, and, to some degree, even the experience of where you were when you had the wine which is a fairly esoteric experience.

I will personally never forget a glass of wine I had in Santa Barbara on a business trip – our table was outside and I could hear the waves of the ocean and saw the majestic Santa Yuz mountains on one a clear day in June with a picture perfect blue sky. That ice cold white zinfandel went on to be a favourite of mine, but I will confess that it has never tasted quite the same as it did that idyllic day

Wine Ring’s amazing patented technology has, as Pam Dillon describes it, “software that works as a sensory product and is able to refine the most complex data in order to learn how to offer you back suggestions from the database that take into account your likes. The AI does this by rationalizing the inputs you have made and matching them with the machine learned information in order to offer you that perfect bottle of wine you haven’t heard of but will become your new favourite.

This software was built by PHd’s in physiology and mathematics along with one of the largest groups of wine experts in the world.

Pam Dillon is a ground breaker in the AI field of technology. She has been nominated this season for an award for AI Entrepreneurship and I wish her much success at the event in July.

AI is here in our lives – likely in ways that go unnoticed by us in many instances – but look around and question and wonder how technology is making planned (or in some cases we will get into next week) unplanned decisions for your world.

Be curious and ask questions – the more we educate ourselves the more we can be conscience of technology and what it offers.

I’m really looking forward to exploring many tech advances with you in this series – and don’t forget to drop us any questions or requests in the forum for our Gadgets series coming in two weeks

I’ll leave you with a suggestion of an app for your phone that I recently downloaded and now use every day.

My Mind is an app that takes your screenshots and links and pics and sorts them and tags them – yes using AI – into a slick interface that is so easy to look at and use.

Things that you don’t want to forget are searchable with it’s use of AI even if you haven’t attached any tags of your own – put in a picture of a green car and searching under green will bring the pic up for you. It really is a great extension of your own mind to remember things and populates across all your devices with single sign in.

Join me next week for part two of Machine Learning and AI – along with a discussion of the dreaded Ransomware that has shown itself even more over the last two weeks.


Wine Ring

How AI will Revolutionize the Future of Wine


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