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It’s Gadget Day!

Good day all and welcome to our 13th BLOG… It’s Gadget Day!!!

Today we’re going to have some fun as I do a very different blog and write about some gadgets and tools that I enjoy using – remember to send us anything you would like reviewed or suggestions for the 2nd gadget show in this series on July 27th.

None of these recommendations are compensated by the companies I’m talking about – I like them and they have been really useful in my daily life Everything I talk about today I’ll have a link to in the notes below this and at the time of publication, all these were available – and some even on sale.

One of the newest things I discovered this year was something called a V1CE business card. When you look online, You’ll find lots of materials that these cards are made of – I chose the metal one and had the company logo and QR code added to it.

The premise is simple – by passing your card over the phone of the person you wish to give your info to it picks up the integrated NFC technology and transfers of all the particulars you want to share.  The best part here is that those particulars are fully customizable by you at any time online.

There are social media links as well to embed with your info however you want.   I love this card – no more ordering stock cards that need changing – although you can’t drop this one in the bowl for a draw to win a free lunch.

My next 4 selections are a shout out to both the companies Twelve South and JOTO in the United States

I’ve got a number of Twelve South items  and their quality is really top notch .

I’ll put these under organization gadgets.

The first product is a great case for your AirPods called air snap .

The thing I like most about this is that it is a snug leather holder for your AirPods case but has a quick attach clasp so you can attach them to a zipper on your backpack or purse and they are quick to find and easy to store back.  I’ve had a few friends that have lost an individual AirPod but taking them out of their ears and shoving them in a pocket to put them away later and never to notice that one falls out.

Airsnap keeps the case close and of course has the cut out at the bottom for easy charging or in the newer version allows for the wireless charging well.

The next twelve south product is called surface snap.  It comes in a pack of three and allows for some pretty elegant ways to cable manage your desk or anything else around your home.

By attaching to the underside of your desk the cables are held in an organized fashion without having to rely on cable ties which you often have to cut away when you want to move anything around.   There is one large and two small in the pack and this has made crawling under desks a thing of the past – love these!

The next is A JOTO Electronics Organizer, which is exactly as it sounds an Organizer for Electronics Accessories, Tools, an SD card – or really anything you want to keep handy.

I have the large one and the strong elastic weave pattern allows you to fit your things snuggly into the grids while not taking up the space of a carry pouch in your backpack. Plus it is super easy to see where everything is when you pull it out and only grab what you want… I have a few cords and a plug plus memory cards for my camera and assorted gadgets for the day.

The fourth product is called a compass pro – also a Twelve South product – and I’m looking at it right now as it supports my iPad which has all my notes.

This tiny easel folds away to something the size of two pens and is multi functional and so easy to take with you to the coffee shop or really anywhere you want to prop up an iPad product.

Speaking of Apple … I have to give a shout out to the two products I use most in my home now …

The discontinuation of the large home pod was a sad day for me as an audiophile, but I am genuinely pleased with it’s smaller cousin that is now out on the market and I have one here in the office.

I use it in the centre of the conference table as conference phone speaker and when working as the source of my background thinking music.  It is clear and really has a pure tone quality – test one with your favourite song whose instrumentals you know like the back of your hand – you’ll get all the right ebbs and flows in all the right places and the price point is definitely more attractive.

The second Apple product I am now attached to (literally) is the airtag.  My Dad always had a good pocket knife on him which came in handy on so many occasions so over the years I have followed that example … but boy do I put that knife down everywhere only to need it the next day and go hunting around trying to find it … now I can see it with exacting directions.

The pocket knife in question is the next item I recommend – Swiss Army, in my opinion, makes the best small pocket knives and I”ve opted for the farmers line that has lots of options – including the all important cooler/beer bottle opener.

Anything that is small and multipurpose like a swiss army knife really is a gadget to treasure.

Items that I like for one of my worst or best habits depending on the day are fidget toys – a professor of mine once said an active mind needs fidget toys to help slow down the thoughts a bit and I truly can’t remember a time not playing with something at my desk while folks talked on calls or in meetings…

I have learned over the years, that the quieter fidget toys are better but let’s be honest there is nothing like the a Newton’s Cradle to hypnotize you as you literally see the physics of cause and effect playing out in front of you. Just Make sure you’re on mute for that one though … play the toy then say ooooopppps …

And finally a few things that I truly enjoy that get me through my day …

A big shout out to David’s Tea here in Canada who make some of the most delicious teas you can find.   The iced Frozen Raspberry is my all time favourite – it tastes like the raspberries right off the bush and with a bit of mint from the garden is so so refreshing!!!

Holding that tea is my lock top black tea mug – it comes with the infuser but as a crossover to the above fidget toys the lock top is one of the most satisfying – and quiet – fidget lids!!  There is a saying in shopping – if one is good two are better – so I may have more than one 🙂

SAJE – also here in Canada – has a line of roll on oils that are amazing – but the one that I use the most is Peppermint Halo!

When life seems much,  I roll on a bit around my hairline and in the palms of my hands. I then cup them to my nose and breath deeply. That smell is so calming and really feels relaxing – some folks use it when they feel a headache coming on and a friend of mine swears by it when he feels some levels of anxiety starting … short of petting my dog this is the my go to for a calming oasis!!!

The last item is also a crossover and I doubt you will find allot of men on you tube reviewing this one – under the category of “yes I am a geek girl and proud of it” is the pop socket for the back of your phone – those are pretty satisfying in and of themselves to play with but this one does double duty.

One of the styles has The lid to the pop socket pops up and has Burt’s Bee’s lip balm inside!   Honestly this is just fun!   Popsockets have other lip balms available, but I love the Burt’s Bee’s one so I’ll be honest and say I haven’t tried the lavender and vanilla or any of the others.

That’s all for today = I hope you found a few of these useful and let us know in the forum if you tried any or like something else – remember this is a women asking women network for all kinds of things!

Join us next week when we dive into the why’s and whats of Blockchain – which is not your average banking system!

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Newton’s Cradle:

David’s Tea ~ Frozen Raspberry Tea:

David’s Tea – Black Lock Top Mug:

SAJE ~ Peppermint Halo:

PoP Sockets~ Burt’s Bees lip balm:



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