Entrepreneurship: Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA Co-Founder, President, and CEO

“You have to be very concerned about a company that has no future… If you’re playing a game and this is your last hand, and you’re not coming back, you’re going to play it a little different…When somebody goes all in, they can do things you can’t do. Because you’re trying to manage your resources…While they’re all in. Don’t play to comeback… Don’t play as if there’s another hand. Be all in.”

— Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO @NVIDIA

Entrepreneurship is a hard. It’s a long path that takes years to effectively become successful. We’ve been on that path and love to hear stories about inspiring entrepreneurs that have persisted in the face of adversity. In this video, Jen-Hsun Huang describes his journey, his strategy for building a great products, the purpose of your work, and sticking with the vision beyond the competition.