San Francisco – In search of the best crab cakes and rolling to Burning Man

Burning Man Motorcycle San Francisco

Burning Man Motorcycle San Francisco

Strolling down Mission Street in San Francisco in my quest to find the world’s best crab cakes and hand no luck. Instead I found this over processed crab cake on Pier 39. One bright spot was some sort of crab balls with rice in them at a place called Beretta’s. On another note, saw this guy booting up on his freshly painted bike getting ready for Burning Man in the desert of Nevada next week. Get ya roll on man… Get ya roll on!

Floored: Into The Pit

[Something to watch. When I get the time.]

A view inside of Chicago’s trading floors (pits) where men fight (literally) for trades using the open outcry process prior to electronic trading rendering the process nearly obsolete at the Board of Trade and Mercantile Exchange. In a balls to the wall world where the rush of success can come and go in a whirlwind, some men won, some lost, but all gambled. A pretty good (or somber) look at how men adjust, or fail to adjust their lives in the face of change.