Inside the Federal Reserve Bank – America’s Money Vault

Did you know :

  • J.P. Morgan bailed out U.S. Economy during the “Panic of 1907”, a financial crisis that nearly crippled the U.S. economy after many major banks were on the verge of bankruptcy? This move eventually led political and banking leaders to create the Federal Reserve system in 1913, vowing never to let it happen again.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank destroyed approximately $190M worth of water-soaked moldy bills after Hurricane Katrina?
  • During the Civil War, nearly 1/3 of all currency was counterfeit?
  • North Korea is the only known counterfeit operation with the capabilities of producing U.S. currency with the same level of detail as the Fed? It’s called the North Korean Supernote
  • U.S. currency basically backed only by the faith of our U.S. Government to make good on it’s fiduciary promise?
  • Inflation is the cost of holding money and used to induce spending, saving and or investing?
  • The Fed’s firewall blocks 3 million cyber attacks per day?

Video courtesy of National Geographic Society.