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Wes Clark’s Call to Action

Welcome WesPAC readers. Here’s the main page of the blog.
Super Tuesday 2006:

June 6. One Week. Democratic Primaries in 8 States. Six WesPAC Endorsed Candidates.

Super Tuesday 2006 – You Can Make a Difference

In one week, five of General Clark’s endorsed congressional candidates have their primaries. General Clark has also endorsed a candidate for Lt. Governor. Each race is important and several are very tight.

General Clark has actively campaigned for each of the six candidates. Your help in winning each race is urgently needed and critical to success. The Clark community can be a decisive resource in helping General Clark support the six candidates on June 6.

We believe there is nothing we can do as Clark supporters more important than to make sure these candidates get into the general election.

Super Tuesday 2006 – You Can Make a Difference

WesPAC and each person signing this message are working closely with the six campaigns on General Clark’s behalf. We need your help today, tomorrow, and every day for the next week.

Three immediate steps you can take toward victory on June 6:

1. Contribute now. We know General Clark has asked you to help each candidate before. The closing week is the most vital. Please contribute what you can to one or more of the candidates.
The easiest way to contribute is to join the Clark Grassroots individuals who are making a difference in these campaigns. Go to and make a secure contribution today. Making a contribution on this page demonstrates the impact General Clark is having on these races.
2. Contact the Clark liaison (listed below) for each campaign and volunteer to phone bank.
3. Forward this note to every Clark-supporter you know.

Please do this today. We are in the closing days when voters wake up and elections are won or lost. Your help makes a difference and demonstrates that General Clark can mobilize the grassroots to help candidates.

The Congressional candidates are:

CA-11 – Steve Filson
Clark Liaison: Robin Galer 510-558-0888

CA-26 – Russ Warner
Clark Liaison: Dion Nizzi

CA-50 – Francine BusbySpecial election for Duke Cunningham’s seat. Not a primary, the real deal, running against a Republican. Needs support big
Clark Liaison: Joan Little Joan is precinct walking each day and will return emails in the evening. You can volunteer directly with the campaignby going to

IA-3 – Leonard Boswell No opponent in primary, but will need help for general election.
Clark Liaison: Lu Ann Pedrick

NM-1 – Patricia Madrid Clark Liaison: John

In addition, General Clark has also endorsed Jackie Speier for California Lt. Governor. Jackie is also running in the June 6 primary.

CA-Lt. Governor – Jackie Speier
Clark Liaison: Ellen Nagler

Take action and help today – and every day for the next week.

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