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Inland Valley Daily Bulletin Endorses Warner for Primary

Nice endorsement, despite the troubling use of the word “Democrat” as an adjective instead of a noun. Someone from the local Democratic Party should write them a letter (more here).

“Warner is best Democrat choice in 26th District”:

A Rancho Cucamonga business owner is the best choice for Democrats in the June 6 primary election for the 26th Congressional District.

Russ Warner is a first-time candidate, but has life experiences and business accomplishments that should make him appealing to District 26 voters. He was induced to become a candidate, he says, by his Iraq War veteran son, who told him that he should run for Congress and make a difference. That son, the eldest of three, has since been accepted to West Point.

Warner, after being “downsized” out of a distribution job with a national magazine in the 1980s, started his own small, family business 19 years ago in Rancho Cucamonga, where he has lived for 26 years. That company has grown into the country’s sixth-largest niche magazine brokerage firm. While Warner campaigns, his wife of 35 years is running the business with the help of the couple’s two younger sons.

He secured the California Democratic Party endorsement over Hoyt Hilsman and Cynthia Matthews, who came within 10 percentage points of incumbent David Dreier, R-Glendora, in the November 2004 election. He is also endorsed former presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark, something of a coup for a first-time candidate. Warner emphasizes three priorities: protecting the middle class, promoting small business and supporting troops and veterans. He says those are American values, not Democrat or Republican values.For Warner, protecting the middle class means supporting education and making affordable health care available to all. He faults the No Child Left Behind law for not providing the money educators need to implement it. He favors some form of universal or single-payer health insurance, saying that such a system could save Californians money allowing the government to negotiate better prices from drug companies, health-care providers and insurers. He says the Bush administration has provided tax cuts for large corporations while cutting funding for loans to small businesses, which power the economy and create local jobs while corporations are sending jobs overseas.

Warner agrees with his Iraq War veteran son that America’s military should be used to prevent wars, not start them. He wants to begin the process of bringing our troops back from Iraq. He wants full funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs to make benefits easily accessible for veterans.

As a solidly middle-class family man who built a successful business from scratch, Warner is a good fit for Democrats of the 26th District, which stretches from Rancho Cucamonga west through the foothills all the way to La Crescenta.

Democrats should vote for Russ Warner in the June 6 primary.

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