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Unseating David Dreier: Suggestions For a Blog to Cover CA-26?

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I’m spending this summer in Claremont, CA and I thought, what better way to spend some of my time then to start a blog to cover the local congressional race. CA-26 is home to Rep. David Dreier, 13-term incumbent. His opponent looks to be Russ Warner, recently endorsed by Wesley Clark; the primary isn’t until next week, but no one else seems to be doing much fund-raising. I couldn’t find much blog coverage of the race, and Warner’s website, though nice, doesn’t have a blog. I’ve been very impressed by other blogs covering specific races, like the various Ned Lamont blogs. So I took the plunge:

Seth in CA (for the summer)

And now I’m looking for tips on getting this blog going. Specifically, does anyone have tips for:

  • Connecting up with other Warner supporters
  • Exposing Dreier’s various shenanigans
  • Letting other California blogs know I exist
  • Any other useful roles I can play?


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  1. Dreier is an alum of my college and i am really embarrassed by him. His unwaivering support for the most corrupt members of the Republican leadership is unconscionable. I’ve already contributed and voted for Warner in the primary (absentee ballot). Let me know what else needs doing.

    Comment by linh — June 1, 2006 #

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