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In Tuscany found an ancient Etruscan tomb.

The team of Italian archaeologists dug a large funeral pristine sanctuaries dating back III-I centuries BC, in the west of Tuscany in the province of Grosseto. Inside are boxes with the ashes of 16 people and the unusually large number of inventory piled about 30 items, including ceramic vessels and bronze mirrors. At one of the items found on the inscription Etruscan language.

Tomb, situated in the commune of Civitella Paganico, remained in very good condition, survived its dromos-covered corridor leading to the funeral. Its main chamber is small-only 1.2 to 3.5 metres. For dumping its use for quite a long time.

Scientists fear that the excavations have attracted great public attention, drawn “black archaeologists” and other seekers of Antiquities, so now guarding the tomb at night police patrols.

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