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A quarter of Americans have not read a single year for books.

A fourth resident of the United States admitted that the past year has not read any books.

Among those in the past 12 months have read at least one book, the majority are women and the elderly. The most popular among American readers were fashionable literature and religious literature. The lowest demand poetry and classical literature.

Over 12 months, the survey data show the average American reads four books. In 2005, a similar poll showed that Americans for the year read an average of five books. In 1999 the figure was 10.

Falling interest in the books, according to sociologists, due, primarily, with the growing availability of the Internet, as well as the bias towards other readers of printed newspapers and magazines.

At the same time, say the authors of the study, it would be a mistake to talk about the overall decline in interest in reading among Americans. A large proportion of respondents who participated in the latest poll, said that a year read dozens of books.

If reduce sample deletion of the “nonreading” respondents feel that one American had read seven books for the year. The women, on average, read nine books, and 7 men.

Interest in reading, the authors note, is directly dependent on the level of education and income. Among Americans, at least college graduates and whose income is not below average, active readers proved most. Activity reading, evidenced by the survey, also depends on the political views among liberals and the Democratic Party crush book was little more than conservatives or Republicans.

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