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Hitchhiking in the USA: The free way to travel.


Hitchhiking in the united states can vary from state to state, but generally it can be superb,simply due to the long rides. Howeever i strongly recommended that woman or even man, do NOT hitch alone (every thing can happen, you know…).

A sure way to of getting long rides in relative comfort and at speeds in excess of general 55 mph limit is to ask for rides all truck stops. At Union 76 truck stops there will often be hundreds of trucks going to all parts of america. Just ask the drivers in the canteen. By using this method i managed to cover over 1000 miles from Mexico to New Orlean with only two rides. Truck stop directories can be obtained free at all truck stops.

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Boolean Algebra


One should know when and where the idea of laying down postulates for the manipulation of abstract-symbols (not necessarily numbers) first occurred and who was the creator of such an abstract algebra (= who the creator of such an abstract algebra was). It occurred first in England and at about the time of George Boole (1815-1864), the English mathematician and logician.

One can doubt whether Boolean algebra, i.e., the algebra of sets, studied largely by means of truth tables, has anything to do with computer whether basic laws of ordinary algebra (commutative, associative and distributive) hold in Boolean algebra, etc. The most recent development In connection with Boolean algebra is its application to the design of electron¬ic computers through the interpretation of Boolean combinations of sets as switching circuits.

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Digital Computers


There are two fundamentality different types of computers: analog and digital. The former type solves problems by using continuously changing data such as voltage. In current usage, the term “computer” usually refers to high-speed digital computers. These computers are playing an increasing role in all branches of the economy.

Digital computers are based on manipulating discrete binary digits (1s and 0s). They are generally more effective than analog computers for four principal reasons: they are faster; they are not so susceptible to signal interference; they can transfer huge data bases more accurately; and their coded binary data are easier to store and retrieve than the analog signals.

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Modern communications and e-commerce


Connecting many computer networks and using common addressing system, the Internet has been growing rapidly since its creation in 1983, radio, telephone anв cable television wires, satellites being used to deliver Internet services.
By the mid-1990s the Internet linked millions of computers throughout the world and it is sure to be the most important commercial and popular means of communication nowadays.
The original uses of the Internet were electronic mail, file transfer, bulletin boards and remote computer access. Having expanded considerable during the 1990s, the World Wide Web enabled users easily to examine the Internet sites and now it is likely to have become the leading informational service of the Internet.

The first electronic transactions are supposed to have handled in the 1950s due to telex, radio-teletype and telephone. In the following decades various industries elaborated upon the system of electronic data interchange before a simple and independent of any particular machine standard was created.
Since the mid-1990s electronic commerce has become one of the most rapidly growing retail sectors involving the use of computer telecommunication networks for maintaining business relationship and selling information, services and commodities.
Although e-commerce usually refers only to the trading of goods and services over the Internet, it actually includes broader economic activity such as business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce as well as internet organizational transactions that support these activities.

A large part of e-commerce was transferred to the Internet after the first graphical “browser” software for the access to the World Wide Web had been introduced in 1993 and when the number of companies and innodividuals using “on-line” had greatly increased. In some fields new Internet retailers such as the Amazon bookseller company seem to have grown up overnight and begun successfully competing with traditional retailers.
Most of recently established companies are known to include the electronic commerce in their business as well. For example, the Intel. Corporation sold almost half of its chips in the annual computer sales directly through its Web site in 1999 and is planning to move all of its sales to the Web by the end of 2000.

During the reading of eyes looking in different directions.


In reading, almost 50% of the time people see eye to different letters, believes Cognitive psychologist Simon Liversedge from the Univeristy of Southampton. Lines of sight that can be as different in different directions, and overlap.

We know that reading small physical rapid eye alternated with stops. Roughly speaking, the eyes move from word to word, briefly quickly to read it. Until now it was thought that fixing their eyes usually focus on the same letter.

Challenge to test this hypothesis, Simon Liversedge and his colleagues conducted a series of experiments. Volunteer read from a distance of one metre text recruited 14th font, while researchers with invisible infrared beam recorded his eye movements.

Experiments showed that 53% of the time their eyes really look at the same letter, but 47% different. 39% of the time, 47% of view differ (left eye looking left and right – right), and 8% of the time-cutting (left eye looks right and the right-left). Letters need not be adjacent, but usually located next: away from each other at an average of two characters.

Even when our eyes, looking at different letters, send different image, the brain still unites them in a single image.

Simon Liversedge believes that the results of experiments to elucidate the mechanism of reading, improve methods of teaching reading and children and develop ways to combat the violation of the ability to read, for example, with dyslexia.

A quarter of Americans have not read a single year for books.


A fourth resident of the United States admitted that the past year has not read any books.

Among those in the past 12 months have read at least one book, the majority are women and the elderly. The most popular among American readers were fashionable literature and religious literature. The lowest demand poetry and classical literature.

Over 12 months, the survey data show the average American reads four books. In 2005, a similar poll showed that Americans for the year read an average of five books. In 1999 the figure was 10.

Falling interest in the books, according to sociologists, due, primarily, with the growing availability of the Internet, as well as the bias towards other readers of printed newspapers and magazines.

At the same time, say the authors of the study, it would be a mistake to talk about the overall decline in interest in reading among Americans. A large proportion of respondents who participated in the latest poll, said that a year read dozens of books.

If reduce sample deletion of the “nonreading” respondents feel that one American had read seven books for the year. The women, on average, read nine books, and 7 men.

Interest in reading, the authors note, is directly dependent on the level of education and income. Among Americans, at least college graduates and whose income is not below average, active readers proved most. Activity reading, evidenced by the survey, also depends on the political views among liberals and the Democratic Party crush book was little more than conservatives or Republicans.

In Tuscany found an ancient Etruscan tomb.


The team of Italian archaeologists dug a large funeral pristine sanctuaries dating back III-I centuries BC, in the west of Tuscany in the province of Grosseto. Inside are boxes with the ashes of 16 people and the unusually large number of inventory piled about 30 items, including ceramic vessels and bronze mirrors. At one of the items found on the inscription Etruscan language.

Tomb, situated in the commune of Civitella Paganico, remained in very good condition, survived its dromos-covered corridor leading to the funeral. Its main chamber is small-only 1.2 to 3.5 metres. For dumping its use for quite a long time.

Scientists fear that the excavations have attracted great public attention, drawn “black archaeologists” and other seekers of Antiquities, so now guarding the tomb at night police patrols.

Scientists opened the largest planet in the universe.


Scientists have discovered the largest open today planet in the universe. Heavenly body called TrES-4 was first seen in spring 2006 in the constellation Hercules by Lowell Observatory. TrES-4 ball is composed mostly of hydrogen, whose size is 20 times larger than Earth. Researchers believe that the diameter of a new planet 1.7 times the diameter of Jupiter (the largest planet in the solar system), and its temperature is 1260 degrees Celsius. According to one member of the Lowell Georgi Mandushev, “the world will likely never solid surface, it can only be caught.” For scientists to understand how the density of the substance, which is celestial body may be lower. TrES-4 revolves around stars located at a distance of 1,400 light-years away. In Observatory suggest that in the constellation may be another planet. It is in Lowell in 1930, was discovered Pluto, which has long been considered the smallest planet solar system, but in 2006 lost that status and became a “dwarf planet.”

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