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Scientists opened the largest planet in the universe.

Scientists have discovered the largest open today planet in the universe. Heavenly body called TrES-4 was first seen in spring 2006 in the constellation Hercules by Lowell Observatory. TrES-4 ball is composed mostly of hydrogen, whose size is 20 times larger than Earth. Researchers believe that the diameter of a new planet 1.7 times the diameter of Jupiter (the largest planet in the solar system), and its temperature is 1260 degrees Celsius. According to one member of the Lowell Georgi Mandushev, “the world will likely never solid surface, it can only be caught.” For scientists to understand how the density of the substance, which is celestial body may be lower. TrES-4 revolves around stars located at a distance of 1,400 light-years away. In Observatory suggest that in the constellation may be another planet. It is in Lowell in 1930, was discovered Pluto, which has long been considered the smallest planet solar system, but in 2006 lost that status and became a “dwarf planet.”

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