Perma records can now have a default view for users opening the Perma Link. 

When playing back a record there are sometimes preferred ways to view the results, in order to encompass the appropriate information the creator is wanting to convey. Playing back web archives is a tricky business, and sometimes different approaches offer slightly different results. For example, depending on what the Perma Link is being used for, it may or may not be relevant if ads are fully playing back in the archive. 

There are already multiple options for viewing a Perma Link, but until now a user had to manually navigate to the alternate one. Now link creators can set the default view for when a link is opened. 

The steps are easy: simply open the Perma Link and access the drop down menu called “Record Details” in the upper left hand corner of the blue banner: 

Then, simply select the default view for this particular Perma Link. When a reader clicks on this link it will automatically play back the way you have set. 

In the past, link creators could send readers to the screenshot via altering the URL. With this new feature you can switch this setting whenever you’d like, the link will not change!

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