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Month: June 2016

Perma v0.67’s release: Internet Archive-ing Perma’s public links

Perma v0.67 has been released!

Alongside bug fixes, we’re excited to announce that all public Perma links are now additionally being archived at the Internet Archive.

Following the “Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe” principle – where an abundance of copies helps secure the content’s longterm presence –  public Perma links are being archived at the Internet Archive. Perma archives are thus having their preservation further ensured by another trusted, not-for-profit digital library.

What’s this mean in practice? Perma links are automatically archived with the Internet Archive, 24 hours after creation (within the first 24 hours a Perma link creator still has the ability to delete a newly created link).

Questions? email the Perma team at info at!

Perma v0.66 – it’s here! it’s here!

This week the Perma team released v0.66 of Here are a few of the notable updates:

  • You can now edit a Perma link’s title and notes when the viewing the Perma link itself – not just in the link management area:
    When viewing a Perma link you own, click “Show record details” and you will be able to edit these fields there.
  • Admin tools are more robust, including the admin-side registrar approval process.
  • pywb, one of the tools used in the archiving process, has been upgraded on

Questions? email the Perma team at info at!

Perma’s v0.65 release: what’s new

This week the Perma team released v0.65 of There have been multiple improvements to the system (160 Github commits in this week’s release!), including a few noteworthy updates:

  • Initial Javascript testing has begun
  • User and Organization lists now appear with pagination, as opposed to one continuous stream.
  • If the capture doesn’t look right, users are now able to replace the capture image within the first 24 hours of uploading.
    • To access this, view the newly-created record you’d like to update and click “Show record details” in the upper left. Then click Edit Record, which will give you the option to upload your own image:
      Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 5.55.52 PM

Questions? email the Perma team at!

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