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Month: August 2017

Recent Perma Updates

Recent updates to Perma include:

  • The new library sign-up form includes an address field, which allows us to display registrar libraries’ location on a map
  • A better user experience when viewing a Perma linked PDF on mobile
  • Improvements to the password reset function

Try out yourself at!


Looking Forward to the New Semester!

As of November 2016, was a fully approved product supported by the Harvard University Libraries, including the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the various Harvard graduate schools. We’re looking forward to welcoming students back as they return to campus in the next couple of weeks,  and helping them preserve their work this semester!

To find out more about how Perma can help your faculty and students, visit!

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Fall Semester is Coming- Let’s Get Ready to Perma!

You can feel it in the air – the Fall Semester is right around the corner! Amidst the falling leaves, the backpacks filling with books, and the stress beginning to mount, you may be scheduling trainings for new student journal editors. No matter what your journal’s organizational structure and how many cite checkers you have on staff, the Perma Team is here to help you bring on new users and to remind your existing staff members what Perma can do for you!

Here are our top 5 tips for journals using Perma:

#1 – Any user affiliated with your journal’s organization on Perma can add new users. You can use whatever hierarchy you prefer for managing your staff members.

#2 – Users can be affiliated with more than one organization – if you have staff members who are cite checking for more than one journal, they can choose from the affiliated with’ drop down menu when they are creating their Perma Links.

#3 – The ‘affiliate link with’ drop down menu gives users the option to create Perma Links associated with their journal(s), or themselves. Each user can create 10 personal links per month.

#4 – Demonstrating Perma at a journal training is easy – we recommend using – a neutral subject page that we’ve found renders beautifully for demoing.

 #5 – Feel free to organize your folders however you see fit! Some journals organize by issue and author name, others create folders for each journal staff member. Do whatever works for your editing process!

We also have training documentation available at

If you have any questions, reach out to your institution’s Registrar User using our contact form:

Happy Fall!

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