We are thrilled to announce the deployment of Perma’s latest update to improve the fidelity of playbacks for our collection. Going forward, the standard playback for Perma Links will be done using Webrecorder’s ReplayWeb.page

There are three major components of web archiving work: gathering the information to create a record (capturing), keeping the records safe for future use (storage), and reconfiguring the collected information into a viewable format (replaying).

This integration of Webrecorder technology is the latest in a series of improvements the Perma team has been working on to enhance the reliability and fidelity of all Perma Links on both the capture and playback side. You can learn more about Webrecorder’s work and this particular technology on their blog

Next time you view a Perma Link you will see a new portion of the blue banner at the top of a record. “View Mode” settings allow you to select which version of the playback software you would like to view the Perma Link with. 

The Standard mode now uses the new version of the playback software. 

Legacy view mode uses the older playback software, and is still available as we roll this update out. 

Additionally, you can still view a Screenshot of the Perma record when one is available. As always, this mode contains a static image rather than the high fidelity playback. 

Have questions or feedback about this update? Reach out to us at info@perma.cc!