Cert. petition in Nease v. Ford Motor Co., No. 16-1333

This post covers the cert. petition filed on May 2 in Nease v. Ford Motor Co., No. 16-1333 (docket here), and key record materials in the case. It will be updated with any future filings.

Petition for a Writ of Certiorari filed May 2, 2017 (single-page format here).

District Court decisions:

Daubert ruling of March 13, 2015, admitting plaintiffs’ expert witness (single-page format here).

Post-trial ruling of July 24, 2015, denying defendant’s post-trial motions (single-page format here).

Fourth Circuit materials:

Fourth Circuit decision of Feb. 1, 2017, reversing District Court’s Daubert decision and ordering entry of judgment in favor of defendant (single-page format here).

Joint Appendix:

Vol. I (pp. 1-588)

Vol. II (pp. 589-1175)

Vol. III (pp. 1176-1703)

Vol. IV (pp. 1704-2332)

Vol. V (pp. 2333-2929)

Vol. VI (pp. 2930-3498)


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