Rindfleisch v. Wisconsin (No. 14-1481) — filings in U.S. Supreme Court and lower courts:

U.S. Supreme Court filings:

Docket sheet here.

Rindfleisch’s Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, filed 6/12/2015, here.

Brief amici curiae of The DKT Liberty Project and The Cato Institute, filed 7/13/2015, here.

Brief amici curiae of Erwin Chemerinsky, Arthur McEvoy, Glenn Hardin Reynolds, and Stephen Saltzburg, filed 7/17/2015, here.

Wisconsin Supreme Court filings:

Rindfleisch’s Petition for Review, filed 12/12/2014, here (Appendix here).

Letter from State, declining to file detailed response, filed 12/18/2014, here.

State Public Defender’s Amicus Curiae Brief, filed 1/13/2015, here.

Wisconsin Court of Appeals filings:

Rindfleisch’s opening brief, filed 6/13/2013, here (Appendix  here).

State’s response brief, filed 4/11/2014, here (Supplemental Appendix here).

Rindfleisch’s reply brief, filed 5/20/2014, here.

Court of appeals decision, filed 11/12/2014, here.

Order publishing decision, filed 12/19/2014, here.