Brief of Akhil Reed Amar and Arthur McEvoy as Amici Curiae in Support of Respondent, filed on Sept. 15, 2006, in Philip Morris USA v. Williams, No. 05-1256 (U.S. Supreme Court) (a case raising constitutional issues pertaining to the common-law tort remedy of exemplary or punitive damages), and related materials.Copy of brief, here.

Materials from earlier U.S. Supreme Court cases cited in the brief:

1. Copy of 1996 amicus brief by Professors Amar and McEvoy, et. al., in Gasperini v. The Center for Humanities, 517 U.S. 1102 (1996), here.

2. Copy of 1994 amicus brief by Professor McEvoy, et al., in Honda Motor Co. v. Oberg, 512 U.S. 415 (1994), here.

3.Copy of 1994 amicus brief by Dean Erwin Griswold, et al., in Honda Motor Co. v. Oberg, 512 U.S. 415 (1994), here.

4. Copy of transcript of oral argument in Honda Motor Co. v. Oberg, 512 U.S. 415 (1994), held Apr. 20, 1994, here.

1830 article cited in brief: Theron Metcalf, A Reading on Damages in Actions Ex Delicto, 3 Am. Jurist & Law Mag. 287 (1830), here.

Three editions of Theodore Sedgwick’s treatise on damages cited in brief, A Treatise on the Measure of Damages:

1st edition, 1847, Chapters 1, 18, 24, here.

2nd edition, 1852, Chapters 1, 18, 26, here.

3rd edition, 1858 (last edition before his death), complete treatise, here.

Simon Greenleaf’s discussion of damages in all 16 editions of his evidence treatise, A Treatise on the Law of Evidence (material appears in Vol. 2, sections 253 to 278, of each edition) (only some of the editions are cited in the brief):

1st edition, 1846, here.
2nd edition, 1848, here.
3rd edition, 1850, here.
4th edition, 1852, here.
5th edition, 1854, here.
6th edition, 1856, here.
7th edition, 1858, here.
8th edition, 1859, here.
9th edition, 1863, here.
10th edition, 1868, here.

(No update of this material for 11th or 12th editions; only Vol. 1 was updated)

13th edition, 1876, here.
14th edition, 1883, here.
15th edition, 1892, here.
16th edition, 1899, here.

18th-century English cases cited in brief:

1. Beardmore v. Carrington, 95 Eng. Rep. 790 (K.B. 1764), here.
2. Benson v. Frederick, 97 Eng. Rep. 1130 (K.B. 1766), here.
3. Bruce v. Rawlins, 95 Eng. Rep. 934 (C.P. 1770), here.
4. Grey v. Grant, 95 Eng. Rep. 794 (C.P. 1764), here.
5. Huckle v. Money, 95 Eng. Rep. 768 (C.P. 1763), here.
6. Sharpe v. Brice, 96 Eng. Rep. 557 (C.P. 1774), here.
7. Tullidge v. Wade, 95 Eng. Rep. 909 (C.P. 1769), here.
8. Wilkes v. Wood, 98 Eng. Rep. 489 (C.P. 1763), here.

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