Minnesota’s Yodeling Legends: The DeZurik Sisters

When the Grand Ole Opry and National Barn Dance ruled country music over the airwaves, a pair of sisters from Royalton, Minnesota, became two of the biggest stars on the popular programs.

Though they could sing and play the guitar, the DeZurik Sisters became famous for yodeling:

The only question was how to go about learning an art that’s so little known. Imitating the best yodelers seemed the best solution. The first yodel song was the “Alpine Milk Man.” The had heard it many times on the WLS National Barn Dance and they tried to make their yodels sound as much as possible like the radio variety.

The next step in their musical career was their invention of the “double-yodel” with which their radio listeners have since become familiar.

Only six songs by Carolyn and Mary Jane DeZurik were released as records, but they also appeared in the 1940 musical Barnyard Follies as the Cackle Sisters.

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