Rochester the Butler Served Up Jokes

There’s a new post up on Tralfaz that explains the enduring appeal of Jack Benny’s butler Rochester, who was played by the comedian Eddie Anderson:

Eddie Anderson’s character worked so well because he was supposedly put upon, but he always got the better of his employer. He smoked his cigars, read his diary, had parties where friends drank his booze, and could see through his BS about his age, romantic prowess and musical abilities. Listeners and viewers could identify with that, they like to think they’re superior to their boss.

There was more to it than that, as time progressed. Like the audience, Rochester liked his boss and occasionally would work in concert with him to pull off something. When television rolled around, you could see there was a friendship between the two.

The blog is named Tralfaz after the dog Astro’s original name on The Jetsons. Did you know Astro was first owned by the billionaire G. P. Gottrockets before he ran away and ended up with George, Jane, Judy and Elroy?

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