Mandel Kramer, Radio and TV Crimefighter

The actor Mandel Kramer portrayed the police chief Bill Marceau on the TV soap Edge of Night for 20 years, receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination for best supporting actor in 1979. His run was the second longest for an actor on the soap behind Ann Flood as Nancy Karr.

Even before he broke into television, Kramer fought crime on radio as Harry Peters on CounterSpy:

Ordinarily, on other programs in which he appears, Mandel Kramer is a two-faced, ornery killer, as likely to be erased on a show as not. It is seldom Kramer lasts to the end of any show — except on CounterSpy, where he is Harry Peters, the hard-working associate of David Harding. …

In 1943, he tried out for Harry Peters, got the part, and has been successfully solving cases with David Harding week after week. When he’s not doing Harry, he spends the rest of his working hours getting bumped off on other programs.

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