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Daily Archive for Friday, October 24th, 2008

who is better on copyright – mccain or biden

An Open Letter to the Community … and the McCain Campaign

Back in June, Presidential Candidate John McCain led the internet policy debate by offering to use the gold standard in search to help him find his ideal running mate: Google. His search must have turned up the YouTube videos of Ms. Palin’s former beauty pageant days or the latest new media because just a few weeks later, McCain double-clicked on the Alaskan Governor – and a Saturday Night Live imposter Tina Fey – to complete the Republican ticket.

But since then, McCain’s stance on internet policy has stood in the overcast shadow of Obama’s all-star team of prominent technology advisors. Sure, he has more clearly defined his technology policies than any other candidate (See And sure he is a stanch supporter of net neutrality, and intelligent programs for increasing technology education and access to children.

But I was disappointed by a Berkman Center event last week speaking to the uncertain future of the open net that featured an Obama Advisor on a panel that failed to even acknowledge a second presidential candidate until the waning moments of the meeting.

So what if Google’s CEO is now campaigning for Obama? (see

I would like to level the playing field by offering my services as internet advisor to McCain.

I would like to speak to the audience of the Berkman Center, to Barack Obama and his supporters, and the John McCain and his. As John McCain’s Internet Advisor I advise to support in your platform the Wheeler Declaration – The_Wheeler_Declaration

built on the freerice plan

and who is better on copyright, mccain or biden, and don’t tell me that’s irrelevant. my students want to know.