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Daily Archive for Friday, October 10th, 2008

active question

i attended a berkman center evening last night with a panel zittrain moderated, jenny toomey introducing for the ford foundation, speaking to the uncertain future of the open net. center on the panel was alec moss, an out and out obama booster. took a while to register but right at the end it hit me hard. something is wrong with this picture. this meeting has become a booster rally for obama. to the question tool i went in the waning moments of the meeting, back channel to others in the room online, and watched the votes to advance the question push to 5. zittrain must have felt the vibe though he didn’t see the question. he put up a mccain page on the screen. too little too late.

i would like to adjust the balance of the event by offering my services as internet advisor to mccain. i may be just enough maverick for him.