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party for the poker philosopher

4:25 AM (1 hour ago) [jamal 263.JPG]

I began play yesterday with 565K chips. My girlfriend was preparing to fly out here to join me. While she was at the airport, I lost most of chips and was down to 135K. I called to warn her that there was a very real danger of my being eliminated before she arrived. She hates flying, and I didn’t want her to spend five hours on the plane each way for nothing. She still had 20 minutes before boarding, so I told her it was her call and I’d let her know if anything changed. Twenty minutes later, she sent me a text message: “On brd. I hv confidence in you. :-)”

Two days later, there are 80 players left, and I am in second place with 4,444,000 chips. We are all guaranteed $77,200. I really don’t know how I made it through the day at all, let alone with so many chips; my table was so tough, full of really solid players.

This is me with another player named Jamal, we’ve been friends since we played together two days ago. I got moved to his table at the end of the day, and we both made it through.

Thanks to everyone who’s called, written, posted, etc. to congratulate me or wish me well. I am somewhere between terrified and exhilarated.

Much love,


what kind of contest can we imagine
what topic for debate
what form for crafting how the contest comes together
will will bring BOSTON together

all politics is local
tip o’neill says so
and my senator galluccio who sponsors little league
and dimasi the speaker of our house
and our governor deval
speak for massachusetts
speak for WE the PEOPLE


look what comes in this morning’s mail


4:38 AM (9 hours ago)

Well, despite starting the day with the second largest chip stack, I ended up getting eliminated from the 2008 World Series of Poker in 35th place, winning $193,000. It’s hard to complain about that result, and if you told me a week ago that I would do so well, I would have been elated. But once we were down to 79 players and I was in such great shape, I started dreaming of the final table, so it’s a bit of disappointment. I’m sure that will pass soon, though.

Overall I made a great run, met a lot of friendly and interesting people, and had a blast. It was even more exciting to have all of you following along and cheering me on. Thanks for all your support,


PARTY on wednesday at a very cool galleryXIV in the south end where ABRAHAM OBAMA is on display. please invite all in the boston area who have been following you to come and raise a glass to andrew.

Andrew Brokos, a.k.a. Foucault, the poker philosopher, did wonderfully at World Series Of Poker. i am hosting a party to celebrate his achievement at galleryXIV 450 harrison st in the south end at 7pm on Wednesday JULY !6 2008. Please come by to see Andrew, hear his stories, experience ABRAHAM OBAMA, have drinks and party.
looking forward to seeing you then.

Charles Nesson, a.k.a. eon


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