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Daily Archive for Friday, July 18th, 2008

forward to eon


i have an idea
a story starts with isaac’s email

Forwarded conversation
Subject: gallery XIV

From: William Kerr
Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 3:41 PM
To: Charles Nesson , Isaac Meister

hi isaac –

i’m planning to get to the gallery early tomorrow morning – so feel
free to come at 10:30 or anytime after 8:30am.

…as we siad, it’d be great to have a few snippets from last night to
use in my next mass communication/press release. we’ll talk about
that tomorrow.

but the live feed is going to be simply amazing.

508.735.1016 cell

gallery director – Gallery XIV Boston
37 Thayer Street
Boston, MA 02118

(617) 482-1414
From: Isaac Meister
Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 3:47 PM
Cc: Charles Nesson

Hi Will,

Bad news on that front – the audio we captured, starting with Charlie’s speech to the camera, is unrecoverable. The incompatible mic adapter HLS media services provided didn’t do the job expected, in spite of the fact that during operation last night everything seemed to be working fine. I’m completely redoing the setup and will test every link in the chain to make sure this doesn’t happen again. If the video without audio will be of any use to you, I can of course provide you with that, but no dice aside from that.

I’ll see you tomorrow and we can test things.


Isaac Meister
+1 617 312-3262 (m)
From: William Kerr
Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 3:55 PM
To: Isaac Meister
Cc: Charles Nesson

oh well. that’s what we thought might be….

..for now, i think that video without audio will be good. just fine.
maybe there are a few particularly interesting moments? we can use
these bits to promote the channel going *LIVE* — and then we can make
some announcements for our programming for the next few weeks, at
least. i’m ready to be here all of the time…even change our summer
hours to be open at night…we’ll see what makes most sense (cents)

i’m planning to sent another communication to my list + press release
tomorrow afternon. i can announce the live show them too if it’s all
worked out.

From: Charles Nesson
Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 6:15 PM
To: Isaac Meister

isaac, please call me

when appropriate (in my judgment) to an open project and not sensitive (in my judgment) in terms of privacy, i may post email to my blog. all privacy requests respected.
From: Charles Nesson
Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 6:20 PM
To: Isaac Meister

you are kidding, right?


isaac wasn’t kidding. a mono connector from a stereo mic twisted our sound into buzz unrecoverable. ouch.

here’s audio to run as voice over.


here is audio mix thanks to wayne and a DJ friend in san francisco to run under


eager to get running

The Rhetoric Room at Gallery XIV

For most people, “Rhetoric” is synonymous with bullshit. But in classical terms it is the art of communicating effectively. Indeed, how we express our most important ideas, whether in politics, business, or everyday life, plays a critical role in shaping the world we live in. If “ideas have consequences,” as a philosopher once titled an important book about our culture, then so too do words, images and sounds have meaning. For it is rhetoric, after all, that articulates our ideas and gives them wings to fly and allows them to propagate.

The Rhetoric Room is an interactive experiment promoting various modes of effective communication about big ideas. The rhetoric used to promote them ranges from political debate to art to multi-media presentations through video, radio, music, theatre and the Internet. Our goal is to raise the level of discourse by restoring rhetoric to an honorable role in society. No bull. Please join us.

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