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beyondbroadcast workshop

Forwarded Conversation
Subject: Very nice to see you today!

From: Dave Winer
Date: Sat, Feb 24, 2007 at 10:19 PM

As usual, very nice to see your smiling face and hear your interesting ideas.

Very good session this aft, and I think we figured out exactly where Harvard should begin, and how Harvard can appeal to people’s imagination to play a very longterm role in making information more accessible on the Internet. And librarians are exactly the right place to bring this problem. They are the unsung heroes of the Internet. Did you know that the first webmasters were librarians?

I have an article in the pipe for the BBC on just this subject. And my thinking on it led me to the conclusion that a long-lived institution like Harvard would be ideal. Believe it or not, in brainstorming with various people we also thought of Mount Auburn Cemetary, but I’d rather go with a great university than a great cemetary.

If you’d like to pursue this I’m interested in helping and participating.


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