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Daily Archive for Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

hospital visit, thankfully brief, all ok

hey berkman center, thanks for the singing telegram for Al the Alien

Kevin Wallen
to me

I feel as the though the creator is always talking to me. I woke up this morning feeling like I had to come into the office early and I did, as I turned on my computer I saw that Charley was online and I said hi, he said hay and I proceeded to tell him like I always do what was on my mind. He allowed me to pour my guts out and as usual I could feel the care in his words as they came back through the screen at me. Charley doesn’t believe in fixing a situation he believes in solving a problem and that is what I like about him his ability to come up with real solutions. After speaking about me he asked me if I could take some bad news from him I then replied that I was here to share with him the good and otherwise. It was then that he told me he was in the hospital and right away all my troubles seem so far away and all I can see now is my need to support him. He says his blood pressure is through the roof and also that he needs to run a series of test, ekg that kind of thing.

And as I am sitting here I feel a renewed sense of purpose, I feel as thought Charley and I are the only two who understands this thing we are trying to do. He sees me as his partner to make it happen and I see him as my partnere to make it happen.

Charley I want you to forget about all I said to you this morning and hear what I am sayin to you now. Destiny will remain as it is needed to strenghten and support SET. We have some projects on the table that will put us exactly where we want to be, the conference, the concert, and the tour in April are exactly what we need and we are going to make them happen. I will write a letter to richard requesting a larger sum of the money they have for me and that will loosen the noose a little. I want you to know that you need not worry about the Jamaica project we are going to make it happen. And come april 16, 17, 18 we will show the caribbean the power of SET. Think thoughts of seeing everything you have ever envisioned for the Jamaica project coming alive and know that it is going to happen.

You and I will take the massage of rehabilitation, restorative justice, and a country re constuting itself to the next level that’s our mission. Lets accomplish it.

I’ll be talking to you soon