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Daily Archive for Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Dear Larry

My respect to you for the decision you have made. You lost control of the university in something of the same way that i lost control of my torts class in 2002, and likewise made a decision to step out of the leadership position for the best interests of, in your case the university, in my case my class, in both cases, harvard. Thank you. It may take awhile for you to put the experience in perspective, but i am confident you will.

Perhaps you would be interested to read a note i sent my Berkman Center co-founder, now Oxford professor Jonathan Zittrain a few days before you resigned. The sentiments expressed still hold: “Suppose Larry could be genuinely persuaded to step down for a period of reflection, become a student and teacher again, maybe a berkman fellow for a year or two, join with us from where we are in moving forward a great mission. Larry is caught with a story he cannot escape without first accepting it. Once he accepts it we can join to tell our further story together, and in the telling return humanity to harvard. We are the actors in the play. We have a brilliant new environment for generating narrative. We have the honor of education and our own maturity riding with us. Why would we not choose to heal ourselves and pursue our mission, harvard a concept, veritas an ethos to which we are committed with soul and tenure.”