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Daily Archive for Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Varmus and Casey

There is a mystery in my life i have not solved. i feel i’m running out of time to solve it. it’s big enough so that solution would wash away all past disappointments. i feel time draining me down the pipe of life , and think of you, ivy, taken from me by cancer. sitting across from me last night a doctor, a man who grew up near fern, who went to the same temple, who honored the same spiritual leader, who smiles at me through a fuzzy mustache, his hair wispy brown strands against his bald pate, and casey next to him with an oped in the Times today about amber waves of grain.

we spoke of open access peer review, a principle at the core of academia, take it as a conceptual idea, evidence of it in wikipedia and inference that wikipedia is just the first of stunning conceptual leaps to come in the architecture communication among willing contributors. constitute ourselves an academic universe. judge ourselves and organize ourselves to produce common wealth.