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Monthly Archive for February, 2006


Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 07:16:32 -05

*Bioethics in a Changing World
*an interactive videoconference

*Tuesday, March 7, 2006
Harvard Law School
*Ames Courtroom, Austin Hall
1515 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

Please join Harvard Law Professor Arthur R. Miller and a distinguished panel of Harvard Faculty
in a lively discussion of today’s most pressing bioethical questions.
This interactive videoconference will be broadcast live from New York City
to alumni in Dallas, TX and Cambridge, MA.

*Register online by March 1 at .
Space is limited.*

*5:30-6:15 PM
Registration & Reception*

*6:15-8:00 PM
Program — begins promptly at 6:15 PM
*Welcome & introduction by Professor Dan Wikler
Welcoming Remarks by President Lawrence H. Summers
Panel Discussion: “Bioethics in a Changing World”
Q&A with Harvard Faculty
Moderated by Arthur R. Miller, /Bruce Bromley Professor of Law/ and
/Moderator for the critically acclaimed Fred Friendly Seminars/

Dear Larry

My respect to you for the decision you have made. You lost control of the university in something of the same way that i lost control of my torts class in 2002, and likewise made a decision to step out of the leadership position for the best interests of, in your case the university, in my case my class, in both cases, harvard. Thank you. It may take awhile for you to put the experience in perspective, but i am confident you will.

Perhaps you would be interested to read a note i sent my Berkman Center co-founder, now Oxford professor Jonathan Zittrain a few days before you resigned. The sentiments expressed still hold: “Suppose Larry could be genuinely persuaded to step down for a period of reflection, become a student and teacher again, maybe a berkman fellow for a year or two, join with us from where we are in moving forward a great mission. Larry is caught with a story he cannot escape without first accepting it. Once he accepts it we can join to tell our further story together, and in the telling return humanity to harvard. We are the actors in the play. We have a brilliant new environment for generating narrative. We have the honor of education and our own maturity riding with us. Why would we not choose to heal ourselves and pursue our mission, harvard a concept, veritas an ethos to which we are committed with soul and tenure.”

i need to explain

why writing a computer program that played good jacks-or-better poker was formative to my understanding of the role i play in life and law.

Sammy beside me

Thanks to Eric Priest and Susie Lindsay

Connect Jamaica China America
Digital China/Harvard

Who are we
Active, we are here to do it
Scribe it, archive it, use the question tool,

Do what-
Create a friendly flow of commerce and culture
Build a power base from which to better deal

America, idea of goodness
Math, computer programming,
Civil rights movement, race and gender
Marijuana, woodstock, lennon
The Problem of Three Hats

Humans at base of net

Broadband Strategy for Jamaica
Knit the diaspora together
Spark industry

Embassy opens: Patterson agreed to Zeng’s proposals, saying they are practical and feasible. He hoped that Jamaica’s cooperation with China will be reinforced in infrastructure, sports and the entertainment industry and his country expects to coordinate with China in international economic affairs.

Varmus and Casey

There is a mystery in my life i have not solved. i feel i’m running out of time to solve it. it’s big enough so that solution would wash away all past disappointments. i feel time draining me down the pipe of life , and think of you, ivy, taken from me by cancer. sitting across from me last night a doctor, a man who grew up near fern, who went to the same temple, who honored the same spiritual leader, who smiles at me through a fuzzy mustache, his hair wispy brown strands against his bald pate, and casey next to him with an oped in the Times today about amber waves of grain.

we spoke of open access peer review, a principle at the core of academia, take it as a conceptual idea, evidence of it in wikipedia and inference that wikipedia is just the first of stunning conceptual leaps to come in the architecture communication among willing contributors. constitute ourselves an academic universe. judge ourselves and organize ourselves to produce common wealth.