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Internet tsunami coming – ride the wave

[Kevin is in Toronto, 6:30 a.m. EST, staying a few days with Rubin, planning today to visit Nart at CitizensLab where is hosted. “Marguerite” is Marguerite Orane, Growth Facilitators. “Rodney” is Rodney Davis, CEO of Jamaica Cable and Wireless. “Jermain” is a teammate who knows a lot about low power fm radio transmission. “Aubrey” knows computers.]

Kevin: hello charley
Kevin: are you there
eon: yes
eon: hi
Kevin: just sent you an email
Kevin: sitting in a coffee shop
eon: cool
Kevin: by the airport
eon: with wireless?
Kevin: yes sir
eon: not bad
eon: pretty amazing
Kevin: i have now become a internet junky
Kevin: can’t live without it
eon: reading your email
eon: do you need the address of citizen lab?
Kevin: yes
eon: looking for it
Kevin: what is the name of the project and do you have the address or website for it
Kevin: ok
Kevin: is it still possible for nart to come to jamaica and work out of the office and help us to get things in order
eon: yes
Kevin: i think i would love to train jermain and have him do what we wanted aubrey to do\
Kevin: might work out cheaper in the long run
Kevin: as well it would be us using our guys
eon: good
eon: is aubrey now out of the picture?
Kevin: have not been able too get intouch with him in a while
Kevin: dont know why just have not beeen able too reach him on his phone
eon: people have busy lives
Kevin: ah
Kevin: that is why we have to be sure of our approach
Kevin: because life has a way of getting in the way sometimes
Kevin: with the crew that we have we should be ok
eon: ok
eon: start thinking about a board for SSET
Kevin: what do you have in mind
eon: marguerite could assemble a terrific crew, starting with rodney
Kevin: yes
Kevin: that is sure right
eon: an organization like yours needs the backing of a powerful board who are fans of the project
Kevin: rubin wants to be the director of public relations
eon: what’s his vision of the job?
Kevin: taking the SET message out into the world
eon: sounds great
Kevin: and raising funds for the organization
eon: we have the talent now, just need the event promoter
eon: you must know a lot about that from your motivational speaking days
Kevin: thats sounds right
Kevin: have some ideas
Kevin: need a project coordinator though
eon: C&W could be a big help
Kevin: that is exactly right
Kevin: i think it is coming to me what our approach should be to them
eon: come
Kevin: the idea of marketing a series of talks to jamaicans around the world
Kevin: not something they have to attend in person but something they can tune into on the web
eon: but built on a solid base at home with real programs working for students and staff
Kevin: driven by c&w technology
eon: yes yes
Kevin: sure you’re right
eon: with travelling stimuli to the major diaspora cities
Kevin: we need only to make sure that SET is
Kevin: producing products that can be seen on the web
eon: prophet for broadband to the developing world
Kevin: sounds exactly right to me
eon: lesson in how the developing world can use internet to heal itself and grow
Kevin: wow you are a champion this morning
eon: you are a prophet
Kevin: looks like some one got some good rest
Kevin: wow
eon: gotta go
eon: still finishing up my exam questions
Kevin: see ya
Kevin: i’ll look for you later

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