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Kevin says: nesson says:

Kevin: hay
nesson: hi
Kevin: tried callling rubin not home at the moment
nesson: ok
Kevin: will try him later
nesson: ok
Kevin: i have not heard from c&w about the machine
Kevin: or anything else for that matter
nesson: they certainly don’t seem very eager to help
Kevin: we don’t seem to be c&w top priority
Kevin: are you there
nesson: yes, thinking
nesson: you are right
nesson: what does it take for them to see us as a priority?
nesson: it has to be a story that has some media muscle
nesson: so far we haven’t done an event that will bring us to notice
Kevin: we should organize a conference that takes place in the prison
nesson: you’ve done the event, the radio transcript of jah cure. you could announce that you will use your Unchained program to play it out in serial, with commentary.
Kevin: that they would sponsor?????
nesson: and do a press conference to announce it, with rubin
nesson: get the attention first
Kevin: that could work
nesson: once you have the audience the sponsors come
Kevin: yes
Kevin: i agree
Kevin: we need to do something that has not been done
Kevin: dialogue between men and women behind bars would work
nesson: start playing rubin’s book in serial as well
Kevin: that sounds good
Kevin: however there will be a lot of beeps
nesson: yes, but bleeps are great
nesson: they make radio exciting and stimulate interest in hearing the original, which you have to offer
Kevin: ah
nesson: we could also start talking about specific post prison employment projects that we want to start up, like the landscape business, which we could get going with a pledgebank of prospective customers who say they would use the landscape/lawn service when SET sets it up
Kevin: that would definitely work
nesson: we could do the same thing with the plan to invite AFRIKA UNITED and employ SET in setting up the tour, which could be linked with the work you will be doing in partnership with Bert.
Kevin: yes
nesson: The pledgebank is an idea you can really use. You have access to a potentially huge radio audience twice a week. You can be the guy who is urging Jamaica to go broadband, extolling its virtues with demonstration of how it can help a grass roots inmate driven program like SET, and help a nation. Make yourself irresistible to C&W as a spokesperson for broadband, and if not to them then to one of their competitors.
Kevin: that sounds good
Kevin: if they see something that looks to have national appeal then perhaps they will get excited about it
nesson: Yes, and it would surely be a great thing for Jamaica if the island and its Diaspora connected with broadband. This could be the primary goal of the Diaspora effort Douglas Orane is chairing.
Kevin: i think however that if we get a conversation with the ministry of national security to meet with the men of set and have discussions on crime and violence that will have the kind of national and international appeal tha will gram the nations attention
nesson: you have the invitational power to call that meeting and put it on the air
Kevin: it was only yesterday we discussed it with the men at SET
nesson: gotta go
Kevin: cool

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