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what all this means to me

Charley and i sat on the phone for a while this morning talking and writing my first blog, then he red this thing to me that jackie wrote and i must tell you it made my day. for someone who met me and only spent a little time to think that much of me means the world to me. but that is only the biginning of it. the way the Berkman Center has taken me in is just amazing to me and i can’t tell you how good that makes me feel to know that what a lot of folks thought was a bad idea has made a difference in the lives of so many. Charley you are the man, you saw the vision and ran with it, since i have met you so much has happened and the program is poised and ready to make a great impact on Jamaica and then the world.

a few days ago i had a meeting at my office with some of the members of the SSET Group who are now on the outside and i must tell you it felt good to have a meeting with them in the confrence room and not in a prison.

one of the guys Raymond, he was in prison for almost seven years the story he told was just amazing. his life is one that we can all learn from and i can’t wait to tell his story or better yet i can’t wait to have him tell his story.

not everyone gets the jamaica project, not everyone understands the SSET project and i understand that but over the next little while i will bring you up to speed the best way i can, and perhaps you will be able to see it through our eyes. each time i talk about this project i ger goose bumps. why? because i have never been a part of something so powerfull.

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