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Daily Archive for Monday, December 19th, 2005

Unchained on Roots fm

The day i had yesturday is one that gives me all the reasons i need too keep doing what i do. I woke up early as i usually do. I then spent the better part of the morning with Kijani my son. My mother is here in Jamaica visiting from Canada along with my little sister and the both of them were seeing Kijani for the first time. It was a great meeting as Kijani being the character that he is mde them laugh out loud most of the time that we were together. i had an opportunity to speak with just my mother for a few moments. She told me how prowd she was of me and the work that i was doing. I explained to her as much as i could the details of the project but throughout my talking to her the one thing that kept coming out was the fact that this is something that could and will have a tremendous effect on Jamaica. It starts with the prison and then to communities and then through out the rest of the world.

My mother then looked me straight in the eye and said “you are a special kid and i have always known that.” She did not explain why she said that and I did not ask her to. That is how we said good bye.

I took Kijani home as it was time for me to go to the prison for my regular sunday visit. Seeing as it was the sunday before Christmas Robert Winter and some folks from the Kwanis club wanted to come in and do a treat for the members of the SET group, which they did and it was great. As per usual the men made a great impression on the visitors, who then made commitments that they would do what they could to help the program.

I left the prison and went to the Radio station to do my weekly one hour program “Unchained”. The moment i set foot into the studio the phones started to ring. People wanted to call and send blessings to those they have behind bars. That was amazing. The phone rang straight through and the messages were great. On several ocassions i was close to tears.

I also included a new segment into the program called “From an Inmate’s Diary.” It includes the thoughts and ideas of the inmates. Stories about their lives, dreams and aspirations. There was a young lady in studio with me reading the letters and boy i tell you, it was amazing. After each note was read we opened up the phone lines and WOW the callers responded, they loved it and their coments ranged from appreciation for the ladies for sharing their stories to appreciating the fact that they are hearing directly the words of those in prison. It was a hit and somethng that we will do again.