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Daily Archive for Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Jamaica Case Study II: SSET CyberSchool

I had an opportunity to describe and explain the work I have been doing in Jamaica to the Oxford Internet Institute Doctoral Summer Program in Beijing. This is the best explanation I’ve managed to date of the character, strategy, and trajectory of our Jamaica voice.

– – Amplifying Jamaica’s Voice – –

The SSET logo was done by Jasmine Ma, a student at Harvard in the Education School and fellow in the PTIF Program.

An earlier Jamaica post links to several significant background documents.

Hear this voice on Jamaica:
“War occupies a prominent place in the Jamaican imagination, but when people talk of war, they more frequently refer to the ghetto-blasting gun-battles that routinely erupt in downtown Kingston. Since the 1970s, Jamaica has been in a state of perpetual war. The noxious combination of U.S. cold-war and drug-war policy, the American arms-industry, and “misguided” leadership has militarized the pork-barrel politics that splits the city into warring garrisons.”

That’s Wayne, the dubble dubble you, Wayne&Wax, who teaches music in our SSET CyberSchool. He speaks about Jamaica in both music and text with knowledge, art and passion.