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Monthly Archive for August, 2005

Morning Blog: IM with Palfrey

charlesnesson: hey
jgpalfrey : hey!
jgpalfrey : are you around?
jgpalfrey : talk today?
charlesnesson: in kingston
jgpalfrey : I am in office
jgpalfrey : no way!!!
charlesnesson: just sent you email
jgpalfrey : ok one sec
charlesnesson: if you want more I’m sending a note just prepared for jie in beijing.
jgpalfrey : I don’t see it yet
jgpalfrey : is that possible?
charlesnesson: weird, it shows a check next to it in my outbox, but really, just sent
jgpalfrey : aha — now there
charlesnesson: anyway, my question is whether i can invite folks to Berkman to talk about the idea of a global born digital repository on October 15-16.
jgpalfrey : it’s no problem for me
charlesnesson: cool
jgpalfrey : but let me check around to see if anyone has objections based on time conflicts
charlesnesson: ok
jgpalfrey : I don’t imagine that the Jamaica event will require much staffing on our end, if any at all, right?
jgpalfrey : so I doubt there’d be a problem on that score
charlesnesson: :- – Cyberschool – –