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Avery’s Girl

Welcome to Camp Winona

Just spent fun times at Camp Winona on a Commonwealth School Retreat
Went for fifteen lattes in a little town nearby
talked in a wireless cafe until the lattes were ready
which took a time but that’s another story james milan to tell

then drove back to Camp Winona to deliver the lattes to Fern and her students learning how to do crosswords with her.

Camp Winona is incredibly beautiful place. Rain drops on the roofs of tents and cabins. Sunshine over lake and moutains creates god’s light.

The lattes were very well received and shared by kids in pairs buzzing together in the energy field of our little cabin room.


Avery was the first student I met on this retreat. I was walking through the woods by the lake when I came across him setting up a doll and playing cards on a picnic table for a camera shot. I stopped and offered to hold the cards so that in the close-up shot the doll would appear to be looking at her cards like a poker player. He shot it, then set and took another of the doll with her cards spread out before her, royal flush. Avery, tall, wearing a blue sweatshirt with NEVADA white across his chest, nice smile. Here’s a story inspired by the episode.

I’m leading an activity this morning playing poker.

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