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Daily Archive for Saturday, May 14th, 2005

Connected Islands

Just went for this morning’s walk, with Ben Walker’s The Island audio in my ears. Hey Ben – thanks for laugh on laugh mixed with thumping insight. Truth and fiction mix as the thread of your story weaves back and forth between virtual and real. So much to learn from it, so much fun to listen to. I feel the way Gaugan’s friends must have felt about him, blessed to have his artistry. Thanks Ben. Thanks dubble dubbleyou for calling it a “must-listen, especially towards the end when he tries to buy an island of his own.”

Thanks to Kevin. His voice rings out like a bell, his message pure. Kevin contributes his philosophy of life to the middle segment of Walker’s Island.

So I walk, thinking in the moments when I am back from Walker’s world, “this is podcasting.” I pick up my iRiver, capable of both play and record, phones in my ear, out for morning exercise with Walker to look forward to. I can choose from a panoply of programs pre-selected by me for automatic download to my iRiver over night. The world could use a good video on just how to do it.