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Cyber School

Date: Wed, 4 May 2005
From: “Marvin G. Hall”
To: Charles Nesson
Subject: Re: Cyber School

Here’s the picture Charlie.
By the way…..l am looking for individuals or organizations to
sponsor 200 inner-city kids to attend Halls of Learning’s Digi-School,
July 4-29, 2005. This year it will cost USD 200 per child per week
inclusive of tuition, transportation and meals. Children can pursue
courses being held at UWI’s computer labs in:

1. Robotics (1 week)
2. Digital Music (1 week)
3. Video Game Programming (2 weeks)
4. 3-D Animation (2 weeks)

Would be interested or do you know of anyone who might be?
We are trying to change the course of lives……for the young man who
would have taken up a gun in July, we want to replace that with a
digital tool or for the young lady who would have lost her virginity
in July and become pregnant by September, we make her create a 3D
animation instead.

Nuff respect,

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