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Daily Archive for Monday, April 25th, 2005

How to Take an Exam Mary Weld

Write, Focus on students, mary wells, my jury seminar, my advisees, write to them, offer to teach them how better to take an exam, here, in the four weeks coming up to the test. Who will help me organize this quest? We need a room, Pound 508 is excellent, and each of you in a seat somewhere, maybe there, with a computer on line at your service and direction. I’ve an audio rant of this thought coming in, but not yet the cable to put it up. Soon come. The Trick I showed Mary.

We will need h20 and wiki to do the teaching task. Course as complete as I can make it. Understanding that it takes balance as you go into it; just like coach says, be on your toes. On your toes for what? For the Question at the Core. Be ready to absorb it, embrace it, confront it, probe it, penetrate it, and move on. For nimbleness of mind let poker be your master. Learn to play the game. Play it.

Not a word wasted, not a moment going back, easy does it, going with the flow, pushing it along with mischief and insight. No sentences which are true independant of the anwer to the question being asked. A class on zen and poker and letting loose false constraints of organization, letting mind go from point to point as you move through the problem. And Socrates, remember Socrates. Honor him with directness.

I await Mary’s call to put this up. I imagine recording the teaching and learning process so that others can tune in. I imagine a reality program offered to our audience.