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Daily Archive for Sunday, April 24th, 2005

From Kevin Wallen, Head Tutor, What Would You Do?

Kevin Wallen, CEO of SSET, writes to me of problems our SET students at South Camp, and of the death of one of their leaders.

Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 08:16:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kevin Wallen
To: Charles Nesson

hi charlie

today is indeed a sad day for the SET group as we will have to spend most of the meeting talking about another of our past presidents as Donald Cousley has passed away. he died on thursday morning at 11:45am he will be greatly missed by all of us

the other half of the meeting will be spent taking care of some serious business as it seems the officers on the ground is giving the set group a really hard time. in the many years that we have been in operation we have not missplaces the keys and for the first time yesturday we could not get into the lab because the keys could not be found. we have many rivers to cross with these guys and this unfortinuatly is only the biginning of what mitht be a long journey.

i’m not quite sure what will come of the meeting today but i will be sure to fill you in on all the details as soon as i can.

Donald Cousley a father and police officer, lives in the country with his mother almost all his relatives lives abroad the only person he has in Jamaica is his mother

she became misteriously ill and does not recover

after her passing he is sitting in a bar having a drink when a millicious individual approaches him, telling him that he had cast a spell on his mother. the man was able to discribe some of the ways in which his mother suffered before she died

Cousley became inreged and the two bagan fighting

cousley a Knife thrower in the fource always has knives on him, a fight ensued and with one Stab the man was dead

Cousley’s story is one of human anger and error however he paid the ultimate price which brinngs me to this. if you were in his shoes what would you do

For his actions Donald Cousley was sentenced to death however, his sentence was commuted to life, he has been not only a model inmate he has been a model human being, he was in the process of applying for parole weather or not he would have gotten it i guess we will never know.

on thursday april the 21 at 11:45am Donald Cousley died in the Kingston Public Hospital.

he did not die with family and or friends at his bedside he died with handcuffs on his wrist and an officer (a prison Guard standing over him, who witnissed his last breath) who after realizing that he was dead allerted the hospital officials who came and after running a few test pronounced him dead

I’ll be talking to you soon
Kevin Dave Wallen

Do all things with love