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11 November 2004

Some sanity in the continuing Red/Blue State wars

I haven’t posted many of the correlations of Red States/Blue States and
name the social phenomenon you want.  Like the Red State/Slave
States, and so on.

Dan Drezner adds a tiny bit of sanity to this:

reluctant as I am to wade in on this — because all these comparisons
demonstrate are potentially spurious correlations — it’s worth
pointing out that there are metrics on which the Red states look much
nicer than the Blue states. Take, for example, generosity.

He then cites a report that the Blue States are all below the median in giving.  Go look.

Correlation is not causation, people!  Hire a social scientist!  We can help!

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One Response to “Some sanity in the continuing Red/Blue State wars”

  1. Nassira Says:

    “Hire a social scientist! We can help!”

    Shameless. Absolutely shameless. ;c)

    But I agree … please, please hire social scientists!!! *smile*