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14 November 2004

The ten states of the United States

Robert David Sullivan, over at MassINC, does really interesting stuff
with political geography.  A while back, you might have seen his
map that divided the country into ten different geographic regions
(some non-contiguous), to describe the state of the electorate.  He’s
updated it to take account of the latest election results and written
an article about how the election returns show the country still very
much in a state of flux
.  If the following piques your attention, then read the whole thing:

George W. Bush can now claim a clear victory in
the popular vote for president, thanks in large part to people
in and around New York City. But the president got no re-election
mandate from the citizens of Savannah, Ga.

Posted in Politicks on 14 November 2004 at 10:28 pm by Nate

Gays in the heartland

Here’s a story about how it might change.  (Need Washington Post access, but just use,
and you don’t have to register.  And if you use Firefox, there’s
an extension that’ll automate most of the BugMeNot process.)  Mind
you, he’s still regarded as sinful for being gay, but the fact that his
community rallied around him is a sign of significant progress, and
hopefully they’ll get further sooner rather than later.

This kid was lucky, but I’d like to think that his luck will be more common in the future.

Posted in OnTheWeb on 14 November 2004 at 6:14 pm by Nate