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10 November 2004

This is me

I am an information packrat.  I save all sorts of things because
they are printed and contain information that I have found amusing,
stimulating, informative, or unexpected.  I have all my New
Yorkers.  I have massive files of articles and notes.  I have
all my important, personal e-mails since I started e-mailing 11 years
ago (I think).  I have a ridiculous number of books.

Should I worry?  Can you go too far?

I still have my first two computers, although one is at my parents’ house.

Anyone want to be my paper-copy-backup, offsite location?

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One Response to “This is me”

  1. Rene Says:

    LOL. Not me. I just moved a UHaul truckload of books and magazines into my new house, and they take up 2 whole bedrooms. In addition we have 5 personal computers (we only use 2, 3 at most a majority of the time) and 15 business servers, none of which we want to part with because we haven’t had time to consolidate the data.

    So, I wish you well! I’ve got problems of my own. 😀